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Lockpouch creates smartphone-free environments. With our innovative system, organisations can restrict the usage of mobile phones. This can be necessary because the usage simply distracts (schools), or because it is forbidden to shoot footage with the phone's camera.
The Lockpouch system consists of a lockable pouch and a matching unlocker. Schools, businesses, events and other organisations are in full control of the mobile phone usage of their students, employees or visitors.
We are looking to sell our system across Germany with the help of commission based sales agents. We offer great margins to our agents and due to the awareness of the problem, believe you can easily sell our system.
As unwanted usage of mobile phones is a problem in many occasions, we focus on a few sectors:
- Schools
- Automotive
- Offices, factories
- Courts 
- Events (where cameras are forbidden)
Our system consists of two components:
- A lockable pouch
- A unlocker to unlock the pouches
Please contact Sam Seegers at Lockpouch
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