Self-employed Commercial Agent-Private Label Category: Pet and Animal Products

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3BS is a strategic investor and service provider with extensive private label experience and in supporting start-ups. Currently 3BS has numerous participations and cooperation. 
For our Private Label Portal we are now looking for Commercial Agents taking over the responsibility to extant our network  of Manufacturers for our Subcategory Pet and Animal Products. 
Our product range is huge everything sold in retail chains is included. 
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•Establish and maintain our manufacturers network in order to allow us to market their products and services via the internet
•Expand our presence of the Private Label Portal
•The ability to charme Customers and develop a close relationship to Customer which we retrieve for you out of the web.
•Share market insights in order to make the platform more powerfull, and to help Customers and Manufacturers to understand markets in a better way.
•Develop your own strategies and concepts for your sales activity, and combine it with our services
•Being part of our international roll-out for 10 countries.
•Extensive network within the Private Label or Co Manufactoring area
•Independent working character 
•Independent role
•Strong negotiation skills and assertiveness
•Desire to be self-employed or an agency
•Specialist or eager to become specialist in the field for Private Label production
•High motivation to take on responsibility 
•Know-How in the area of sales
•Knowledge in dealing with Manufacturers and Customers would be optimal 
•Team player with a desire to contribute to the development of our platform
•Extent your network in your field of profession
•Renumeration based on performance, become a partner in interests
•Remote working with a network all over the world
•Monetize your experience
•Participate at the company result
•Grape your chance to have an impact in a market
•Transparency through ethics and values, created and lived by the team 
•Open and transparent communication, as well as short decision-making processes
•Good working atmosphere and a positive corporate culture
•Current setup of network in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Hong Kong
•Entrepreneurial Team
•International Sales Team
•Start-Up Character
•Implementation of a successful pilot project in the area of Private Label

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